1 Monthly Archive: January 2005


tigersan_050101My Tiglets aren’t worthy to be called programs on their own.
These Tiglets were created to serve simple tasks.
Perhaps they will serve you as well.


Overhead ProjectorZIP Filescreenshot
This program will display copied text on a fullscreen view. Move the window to the desired viewing monitor. Copy any text to have the results displayed. Copy additional text to update the view. Double click the results to close the fullscreen view. To enlarge the results text, press Control and +. To shrink the results text, press Control and -. Control and Mouse Wheel also zooms text.


Tigersan’s Internet ExecutableZIP Filescreenshot
A tool used to automatically download and execute files from the Internet. You can open one or many files at once and are able to save the list of files to download and open. One way to use this application would be to save it in your Windows Startup folder so that applications that need to be accessed from the Internet can be automatically downloaded and launched on startup; this will ensure you are always using the latest version of an online-only application. Note: make sure you have one entry per line… no blank lines (pressing enter after pasting a link creates a blank line and will generate an error).


Full Screen BrowserZIP Filescreenshot
A simple browser for viewing the Internet with as big of a screen as your monitor will allow. No bells & whistles with this browser, just start your surfing from the home page use your right-click for advance controls. This browser if perfect for easy-to-make screenshots.


Tiger Site CheckerZIP Filescreenshot
Automatically checks your website to let you know how often the server is up. The server is given 30 seconds to send something, anything, back to the Site Checker in order to be considered “up.”


Tiger Transfer CalculatorZIP Filescreenshot
Want to know how long it will take to download a file? Want to know how long it will take to upload a website? This Tiglet will answer these questions.


Bitrate Broadcast CalculatorZIP Filescreenshot
If you are broadcasting media over the Internet, this program will show the maximum users that can access your content without excessive buffering. Just input your upload bandwidth and the bitrate of your stream.


Quick Adjust BlackZIP Filescreenshot
Want to black out certain areas of the screen while watching a video? You can use this Tiglet more than once to hide things you do not wish to see. To view a video in full screen with this Tiglet, you may need to hide the Taskbar (Start->Settings->Taskbar, then check “Auto-hide…” and uncheck “Keep the taskbar on top…”


Fine Adjust BlackZIP Filescreenshot
Due to popular demand, this Tiglet was created to provide greater control over the hidden area than the above QAB Tiglet.


BlackOut - ZIP File
Fills your whole screen with black. My master uses this to clean the keys on his keyboard. Click or press the escape key to exit.


WhiteOutZIP File
Fills your whole screen with white. My master uses this for extra light at night. Click or press the escape key to exit.